Holy Grail Wars

A political and Combat based RPG Fourm based on the Fate/Zero and Fate/StayNight Series. Take Control of a Magus or Heroic Spirit and fight to obtain the holy grail!
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House Name Tohsaka
Background The Tohsaka are the youngest of the three founding houses of the holy grail war. Despite their young age they've managed to raise as one of the most powerful houses participating in the war. As a house they have good realationships with both the mage's association, and the Church. They're often seen as the golden boy, among the other houses, and have plenty of allies in both oganizations.

The Reason for their houses quick raise to power is their unique form of sorcery. Recently they've been able to develop the ability to infuse Jewels with spells. With the jewels acting as a catalyst for the spell the user doesn't have to use their own mana. This makes the number of spells that a Tohsaka mage can cast in a single battle skyrocket.

Homeland Japan

Bloodline Jewelcraft
Family Curse  The Tohsaka family actually has a remarkably pure bloodline, and relationship with the world. Their only real disadvantage is that the jewels they require for their magic are incredibly expensive.
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The Tohsaka
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