Holy Grail Wars

A political and Combat based RPG Fourm based on the Fate/Zero and Fate/StayNight Series. Take Control of a Magus or Heroic Spirit and fight to obtain the holy grail!
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 Ilyse Von Eizbern

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Name: Ilyse
Gender: Female
Archetype: House Mage
House: Eizbern
Field of Magic:
Alchemy (House Magic)

Mana: A
Intellegence: B
Charisma: C
Combat: D
Luck: E

Ilyse Von Eizbern  Latest?cb=20130309234658&path-prefix=protagonist

Personality: Ilyse keeps a tight persona of a joyus little girl to match her outward appearance. She's bubbly and light hearted, and always seems to be full of energy. In conversation she trails away from the main topic often always eager to ask as many questions as she can in a single breath. Negative emotions have been completely stricken from her brain, keeping her calm and collected even in the midst of battle. How she seems to lack any sort of survival instincts because of it and treats everything as a game. Leading to her curiosity to get her in trouble most of the time.

In battle she's calm and collected, seeing the whole thing as a big game rather than a matter of life or death.

History:Illyse was a Humonculi created once the rules for the holy grail were set in place by the three main houses. She was specifically designed to become the master of the Berserker class servant. As such her body and mana circuits have been constantly tampered with in order to make her more suited for that servant. As such her Magic Circuits have ten times the capacity as an average mage. Though her mana is immense most of it us completely unusable to her, it is instead directed towards her servant.

Being basically designed as a human weapon she never really had much of a childhood. Or much of a life at all in fact. Most of her days have been spent in a castle library learning all the ins and outs of the holy grail war, and magic in general. Her body stopped developing at the age of nine, and for the most part her personality did too. She's been stuck with a child's demeanor for several years. Her mind is as sharp as any adult mage, but she lacks maturity almost entirely.

As such she's been cast off as a Failure by most of the Eizbern family, as far as her being a genuine and complete homunculus. As far as Her being an effective tool, and weapon she excels on all fronts.

Likes: Snow, Games, Chocolate, The Color Purple, Cloud Watching, treks through the Forest, witty banter.
Dislikes: Studying, Rude people, people insulting her apparent age, swimming.

RP Sample:Ilyse tittered nervously as she made her way through the ornate hallways of The Eizbern Winter Palace. Her little boot clad feet clipped and clopped their way down the rug lined floors. Down the stretch of Hallway were ornate red and gold drapes, suits of armor stood at attention as Illyse passed on by, her small frame reflecting off of their well polished metal frames. The Air was heavy with the smell of burning wolves bane. Somewhere a ritual was going on in this noble house. Illyse didn't know whether she was going to be a part of it or not. While she knew that she was important to the house hold she didn't really know what went on with it on a daily basis. There was her, who was usually held up in the library attended to by a small army of homunculi who acted as her maids and butlers. Then there was the human side of the family who did whatever it was that the humans of the Eizenbern family actually did. Illyse always assumed that they just went around making more Humonculi to act as her servants, but she supposed that she could be wrong, and that they were off doing something terribly important with their lives.

Finally after what felt like a small eternity she came upon the door to the room that she'd been instructed to report two. Hey! This was the room that grandpa Eizbern stayed in, during his private time! Looks like this was going to be an important meeting! Good. Illyse was afraid that it was going to be another discussion about her use of free time in the library, she'd gotten that speech enough times that she practically had it memorized by now. She knocked thrice upon the sturdy wooden structure and straighten out her outfit. She wanted to look presentable for the person who gave her life in purpose. The door opened by itself quite magically and Illyse stepped through the threshold.

Already waiting for her was Grandpa Eizbern. He was without a doubt, the hairiest man that Illyse had ever seen in her short life. His blue eyes were completely hidden by his thick eyebrows, and his beard came off of his chin, and upper lip like a waterfall. Despite having no actual signs of his eyes looking at her, Illyse could just tell that they were. She smiled at her, though most of it was hidden under the cascading whiteness of his beard. "I hear you have good news for me my dear." He intoned. His voice was low and deep enough that it felt like it could shake apart the castle if he talked for long enough.

"Oh you mean this?" Illyse intoned pulled up the bottom of her shirt and revealing a red tattoo in the shape of a three peatled flower around her belly button.

"You were chosen?" Grandpa Eizbern gasped leaning forward over his desk.

Illyse lowered her shot, and let out a cocky chuckled. "was there ever any doubt?"
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Ilyse Von Eizbern
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