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A political and Combat based RPG Fourm based on the Fate/Zero and Fate/StayNight Series. Take Control of a Magus or Heroic Spirit and fight to obtain the holy grail!
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 Achilles First Among Heroes

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PostSubject: Achilles First Among Heroes   Achilles First Among Heroes EmptySun Mar 29, 2015 9:44 pm

Name: Achilles
Classes: Rider, Lancer

Achilles First Among Heroes Latest?cb=20150205133647

Equipment: 3 E-Ranked Throwing Spears. 1 E-Ranked Piece of Armor. 1 D-Ranked Short Sword.

Skills (3):
Battle ContinuationD
Bravery B
Goddess' Affection C
Divinity C

Noble Phantasms:
Noble Phantasm
■ Troias Tragoidia: Tempestuous Immortal Chariot
Rank: A
Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
A Three-horsed chariot granted to Achilles by the God Possiden. While on This Chariot all Weapons have their rank increased to match the agility of the chariot. The strength of attacks launched from the chariot are increased by the same amount.

■ Dromeus Cometes: Comet Form
Rank: A
Type: Anti-Unit (Self) Noble Phantasm
Achilles was the fastest of all Heroes. By Removing his armor Achilles is able to increase his Speed to EX-Rank.

■ Andres Amarantos: Amaranth of the Brave
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Unit (Self) Noble Phantasm
Other than the heel, his mother, goddess Thetis, gave him immortality.
Any type of attack is nullfied. A person with a Greater rank in Divinity can harm Achilles. While he is effectively immortal in this form, if he is stricken in his right heel he'll die instantly.

■ Diatrecon Aster Logche: Spear-tip of the Star Traversing the Skies
Rank: D
Type: Anti Unit
A simple man made spear granted to Achilles by his father. Though it simple an without any blessings Achilles thinks it match for any god's weapon. While in possession of this spear Achilles gains a special ability. For three turns he can pick a target. During those three turns time freezes for everyone but he and that target.

This phantasm represents Achilles Desire to have a fair fight amongst warriors. While under the effects of this ability any phantasms or skill that do not come from the warriors abilities are negated. This includes a person drawing power from the earth or the gods. Achilles immortality and Favor of the goddess skill are both negated as they are gifts from the gods.

This allows for two warriors to fight with their own virtue. No Gods No Masters.

■ Achilles Cosmos
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Unit (Self) Noble Phantasm
A shield given to Achilles by his mother, said to be able to "bear the whole of the world." When summoned into the grail war this shield represents the world itself. As such only something capable of ignoring or destroying the world is able to pierce this shield. When used by Achilles this Shield has infinite uses, but when used by another it breaks after being used.

Magic: Strengthening


History: one of the famous heroes in the Trojan Wars. Born from the sea goddess Thetis and the hero Peleus, Achilles was blessed by the gods from birth. His mother Thetis, having greatly loved her son, had warmed him within holy flames in order to try and make him immortal. But her husband Peleus had opposed it, saying “Then that would destroy Achilles as a human”, and in the end Achilles grew up while only a certain part of him remained human. Eventually, when war broke out between Troia and Achaea, Achilles was asked the following by his mother Thetis: "Do you wish to live a long and peaceful life without having your name recognized by the masses? Or do you wish to live the short life of a hero with brilliant achievements in battle?" Achilles choice went without saying. At the same time as his mother felt pride in his decision, she also felt heartbreakingly sad, because his fate had been predetermined since he was born. If he lived as a hero, he would have a short life, as if sprinting through it at full speed.

Catalyst: Artifacts from Troy
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Achilles First Among Heroes
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