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A political and Combat based RPG Fourm based on the Fate/Zero and Fate/StayNight Series. Take Control of a Magus or Heroic Spirit and fight to obtain the holy grail!
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 Rune Stone

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PostSubject: Rune Stone    Rune Stone  EmptyMon Apr 06, 2015 4:55 pm

Name: Rune Magic
Back Ground: This skill is the power for a heroic spirit to make use of ancient magical Runes. Runes are a primal form of magic and the predecessor to Jewlcraft. Runes use symbols of power inscribed upon a stone to form a once use spell which requires no mana.

In order to use these spells he user has to enscribe the run upon the surface of an object. The runes can immediately activate, or stay dormant. When active the runes glow. When the power in the rune has been used up it shatters, often along with the surface it was on.

While the runes don't recuire mana a hero is limited to the number of runes they can use during a war. Each rune can only be used once, and every rank of mana allows the user to use three additional runes. 3 at E-Rank 6 at D-Rank 9 at C-Rank 12 at B-Rank, and 18 at A-Rank

Stats: What are the different ranks, and what do they do?
B: Allows the user to make use of Rune Stones.


Canon: Yes

Fa-Primal Fire: A B-Ranked Fire Attack
Ur- Resurrection: A One time use Resurrection from death. Activates Immediately.
Dorn- Lightning and thunder- Clouds the sky with storm clouds, and releases 3 E-Ranked Bolts of Lightning.
Os-Mouth: If the user has heard a Hero announce the name of a foes noble phantasm they can mimic that persons voice and activate the foes phantasm against their will. The user must supply the mana to the phantasm.
Ka- World Tree: By placing the Rune upon an object a tree will erupt from the object and wrap around it. The Tree will can a EX-Ranked Constitution
Hagal- Hail: Summon a hail storm for the remained of the thread. Players and creatures my not fly during this storm. (There are exceptions)
Not- Fate: Rewinds time for 5 seconds.
Is-Ego: The User can increase a single stat by one rank for five turns, or increase the rating of their weapon, or noble phantasm by a rank.
Ar- Leadership: All Darkness and Illusions are dispelled
Sig- Sun Power: The User's Rune acts as a second sun. Sucking anyone with less than A C-Rank in strength to it's core. 10M Range.
Tyr- Rebirth of The Sun God: This rune can be used as any rune that's already been depleted.
Bar-Birth: The user an regrow a lost limb.
Laf- Primal Law: The user takes on characteristics of their spirit animal. (Sense of smell, claws, etc)
Man-Man: The User can create a perfect clone of themselves down to equipment and phantasms, except the clone has E-Rank in every stat.
Yr- Rainbow: Clears the area of all clouds and inclimate weather.
Eh- Duality:  The User can clone any weapon currently in the thread with them. It's exactly the same weapon but the user loses a rank in agility if fighting with the unfamiliar weapon.
Gibor- Gift of life: By placing this stone into an inanimate object it acts as that objects heart. Bringing the object to life.
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Rune Stone
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