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A political and Combat based RPG Fourm based on the Fate/Zero and Fate/StayNight Series. Take Control of a Magus or Heroic Spirit and fight to obtain the holy grail!
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 Undead Dragon

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PostSubject: Undead Dragon   Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:32 am

Name: Undead Dragon
School: Necromancy
Rank: A


Effect: Allows the user with the means the ability to summon the most powerful of all undead constructs. That of a mighty dragon!

When fully formed an undead Dragon has a Rank of 5 in Endurance, Agility, and Strength, and a 0 in everything else.
An undead dragon has no type of breath or magical attacks no matter what dragon was used to construct it.
Undead Dragons are immune to anything that effects the mind or nervous system.
While the dragon is completely controlled by it's creator it does have it's own intelligence allowing it to move and think on it's own to fufill it's master's commands.

Before an undead dragon can be summoned it must be created in a separate thread.

Once created the dragon can be summoned forth at anytime, bursting forth from the ground as if rising from the grave. At the end of the thread it is summoned in the dragon's flesh and bones turn to ash and dust gone forever. As such these mighty beasts can only be used once.

Bonus Requirements: The Full body/skeleton of a dead dragon
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Undead Dragon
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