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A political and Combat based RPG Fourm based on the Fate/Zero and Fate/StayNight Series. Take Control of a Magus or Heroic Spirit and fight to obtain the holy grail!
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 Jewel Magecraft

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PostSubject: Jewel Magecraft   Jewel Magecraft EmptySat Mar 21, 2015 2:58 pm

Jewelcraft is the house specific magic of the Tohsaka house. This special branch of magic allows them to infuse spells inside of the geometric structure of jewels. By using the gems as a simple form of magic circuits this allows them to cast spells without the use of their own prana.

This is a highly effective form of magic as the user isn't limited by their own mana. Theoretically they could cast an infinite number of spells so long as they have the gems to use them.

Unfortunately all gems crumbled after they are used. Making this particular tree of magic, rather expensive.

Jewel Magecraft Tumblr_m29by0sjhb1r5zfj8o2_500

Name: Sapphire
School: Jewelcraft
Rank: E

Range: Throwing Range/ visual range

Effect: After throwing the sapphire it detonates transforming all of it's stored energy into light. This blinds anyone who looks at it.

Bonus Requirements:

Name: Ruby
School: Jewelcraft
Rank: D-Rank

Range: Throwing range.

Effect: These rubies can be detonated at will exploding into a bright red fire 3-meters in diameter.

Bonus Requirements:

Name: Emeralds
School: Jewelcraft
Rank: B-Rank

Range: Throwing range

Effect: The user can expand an emerald into a 3-meter by 1-meter sized shield. This Shield can absorb damage from any spell or attack B-Ranked and below. This shield can levitate, and move with the user if needed.

The shield lasts for three turns, before turning to dust.

Bonus Requirements:

Name: Amethyst
School: Jewel craft
Rank: A-Rank

Range: Throwing Range

Effect: Upon detonation the jewel shatters into a cloud of purple shards. These shards quickly expand to encase the target in a dome of heavy Amethyst. The target is rendered immobile and any prana released within the dome is absorbed into the structure of the Amethyst making spellcasting impossible while within.

Anyone caught under the dome with a strength rating of A or below are forced on their knees under the intense weight of the jewels. While this doesn't do any damage to the target persay it does make them easy targets for anyone on the outside.

Bonus Requirements: The Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Amethyst spells are free to members of the Tohsaka house, requiring No word count to learn.
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Jewel Magecraft
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