Holy Grail Wars

A political and Combat based RPG Fourm based on the Fate/Zero and Fate/StayNight Series. Take Control of a Magus or Heroic Spirit and fight to obtain the holy grail!
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PostSubject: Manasa    Manasa               EmptySat Mar 28, 2015 6:45 pm

Name: Manasa
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Archetype: Solider of Fortune.
House: N/A
Field of Magic: Necromancy

Stats: You have 15 points to distribute around as you see fit. See Stat rules for more information. Each Stat must be at least E Ranked.
Mana E
Intelligence A
Charisma B
Combat A
Luck C

Manasa               250px-T_Serqet_Default_Card
Personality: Her Sharp eyes, and ever smiling lips gives hint to the sharp mind that resides behind them. Manasa is an extremely intelligent young lady. She adores acquiring new knowledge and sees the holy grail was as an interesting way to gain insight on figures of the past. Though she's capable of performing very little magic on her own she finds the subject incredibly interesting and devotes a few hours a day to learning more about it. Despite fitting into the classic bookworm persona very well she's also a pretty capable fightering. She's lithe and agile. Despite her age she manages to keep limber and youthful, no doubt due to the numerous spells and curses she's had cast on her during he time as a tomb raider. In battle she's effective, she enjoys playing with her foes. She avoids killing people when she can. She mostly just enjoys inflicting a few painful wounds to disable people before leaving them to their agony. She's doesn't so much enjoy the nitty gritty of fighting. She more enjoys seeing her plans be executed with perfect timing, and skill.  

History: Manasa was born as the daughter to a British Ambassador. Magic flowed very weakly through her famalies' veins. Other than a few parlor tricks they'd all but abandoned any history in magecraft that they might of had. Some Time during her youth her family was transferred to Egypt where she spent the rest of her young adulthood. She Graduated from the British University in Cairo. She changed her Major Several times, but ended up with a degree in nursing, and a job offer from one of the largest Hospitals in Cairo.

She'd been working as a nurse for about a week before fate got in her way. An Archiologist name Alec Beck came under her care. He'd broken an arm during a field study. Under Manasa's care he was quickly healed, and when he was ready to leave he offered to take Manasa with him. without a second thought she came with him, becoming his crew's doctor as well as Alec's Lovers. It wasn't until they unearthed an actual tomb to a pharaoh's court magician that Manasa actually learned about her abilities.

While exploring the tomb she discovered that she could see spirits. Spirits that no one else could see. She would have thought that she was crazy but when she followed those spirits they lead her to  a treasure room within the cave. Deciding that it was time to head out on her own. Manasa took the treasure and fled. Since then her and Alec have been tremendous Rivals. Competing with one another for magical tombs and sites all across the world.

Likes: Reading, Writing, Learning new things, hiking, wandering, exploring new places.
Dislikes: Impatience, people being smarter than her, disregard for history, or knowledge, overly peppy people

RP Sample: With her amazing theme music blaring over her Manasa Wright burst out from a vegetated tunnel. Her legs were a blur as she sprinted out from the ancient Incan temple. Her wonderfully tanned legs made their way through knee high vegetation. Her boot clad feet trudged through the mud. Her khaki shirt, and shorts clung to her lithe body as the sweat soaked into it. Her whole outfit felt about ten pounds heavier than when she'd put it on three days ago. She didn't really have time to worry about that though. Behind her the booming twang of a gun could be heard behind her.

Protectively she swung her satchel protectively to her side. It wasn't just her imagination. Her satchel actually was ten pounds heavier than it had been an hour ago. A bullet whizzed passed her head, and Manasa ducked around a tree. She'd spent too many hours trekking through the craggy Peruvian mountains to let Alec stop her! She clutched the satchel to her side as she leaned up against her tree. She could feel her weight trying to pin her aginst the bark. Her legs were throbbing, and it felt like her lungs were breathing in camp fire embers. To her left the side of the tree exploded into a small burst of wooden splinters. So she supposed that there were worse pains that she could feel. Alec and his Men were getting closer, she had to do something and quick.

She glanced around her surroundings. Maybe there were some spirits around who could help her. They usually had good ideas, even if they were dead. She glaced, and looked around. Nothing, nadda. This place was more abandoned than a graveyard. Well actually graveyards were usually hopping placed for spirits. She didn't know what she expected though. With that temple only a click away she didn't see why a spirit would just decide to hang around a jungle. The temple made for a much better nexus.

Her pursuers were just yards away now. Dangit! She'd spent all her time looking for ghosts she'd hardly had any time to plan out her moves. She let out a sigh as she forced herself off of the three, and readjusted her satchel strap. She hated improving combat. It was just so sloppy and usually ended up with her getting hurt more than was necessary. But her prusers were upon her now and it didn't look like she had much of a choice in the matter.

She swung her satchel off of her shoulders, and held the strap in her hand. She could feel the heavy weight of the artifact weighing her pack down. She swung it back and forth like a heavy canvas pendulum. Just a foot behind her three she heard the foliage they were here. She swung out from behind the tree swinging her satchel as she did. There were two goons following her. Neither of them looked like Alec. He'd been there at the temple but he was gone now, or maybe he was somewhere hidden in the forest.

Her satchel made contact with the jaws of one of the goons, and he went out like a light. Before she had a chance to deal with the other one she felt a bullet rip right through her right forearm. Her hand let go of the satchel and sent it and it's content flying across the jungle. She dropped to her knee and clutched her mangled arm with her good hand. She couldn't even move her fingers in her right arm.

She made eye contact with the goon. They looked from each other, then back at the satchel, then back at each other. Without a word he made a dash for the satchel, and she wasn't far behind him. She tried her best to keep her right arm up, and assisting with her momentum, but for the most part it hung lamely to her side. The goon not thinking her much of a threat leaned down to pick up her green canvas satchel.

As he did Manasa leapt forward. She pulled both of her legs up into the air and sent them flying into the goon's butt as he leaned forward. Her rocket kick made contact and sent her foe flying forwards face first into a tree truck, knocking him out.

With a  heavy sigh Manasa leaned forward, and scooped up her satchel with her good arm. She felt safe for now, but man. It was going to be a long trek to a hospital.
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Approved! Welcome to the War.
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