Holy Grail Wars

A political and Combat based RPG Fourm based on the Fate/Zero and Fate/StayNight Series. Take Control of a Magus or Heroic Spirit and fight to obtain the holy grail!
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 Europa Matou

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PostSubject: Europa Matou   Europa Matou EmptySat May 23, 2015 10:05 pm

Name: Europa Matou
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Archetype: House Mage
House: Matou
Field of Magic: Mind Magic

Stats: You have 15 points to distribute around as you see fit. See Stat rules for more information. Each Stat must be at least E Ranked.
Mana A
Intellegence B
Charisma B
Combat E
Luck E


Personality: A strong calm woman, who seems almost entirely evil to some, and a saint to others. She hums as she thinks to herself. Which is often. Often in the middle of conversations. She likes to make a plot out of everything, and tries to find out how she could manipulate everyone she meets for her own ends. High Ranking wizards, business associates, pizza delivery boys, just about everyone. She rarely acts on it, but she finds it to be an interesting exercise for the brain. She doesn't much care for the company of other high ranking mages, she perfers to spend her time with pathetic newly minted mages. She likes the way to look at her in an almost revering way. She does a lot of Charity around the City helping the homeless and sick. She spends lots of time with each of her charges and truly cares for all of them. This usually ends up with her granting them a few crest worms granting the person great magical power for a few days before they are consumed by the worms. She loves seeing the wretched achieve all of their goals in such little time. And since they die so quickly after they don't have to ever see their dreams turn sour.

History: Out of Seven brothers and sisters Europa was the only one to be born with magic circuits. Since then she'd been the only one in the entire clan to have any magical powers. she bore three daughters and none of them were magical either. this was hardly a problem but it Broke Europa's heart to have to train her own daughters with the crest worms that her family was so well known for. It was especially hard giving her youngest daughter over to the worms. Seeing that she'd seen the worms consume her other two daughters, and of course he youngest was consumed as well. Her three treasures burnt out like smoldering piles of ash.

It wasn't fare was it? Other mage houses did have to worry about such things, didn't have to feed their children to worms. None of the older houses understood, their circuits only grew stronger. The Matou were so weak that they didn't even have any left. The young houses however, they knew. They understood. The struggles of just barely being magic in a magical world. They knew what it was like to be weak and scared. Europa liked that. She liked people who knew what it was like to cower. Lions were just so sure of themselves so pompous.

So she took her remorse and set out to help those less fortunate. To teach the lesser houses, and tend to the poor. She was needed every wear. The world needed a house who was ancient and willing to help those new to their world. There was a place in the world for her. There was a place in the world for someone who helped!

There was no place in the world for those who oppressed, and didn't understand what it was to be weak. There was no place for the oldest mage houses.

Likes: Plotting, Scheming, seeing plans unfold, flowers, children. Being a Momma! Hot air Balloon rides. Circuses. Being in the dominant position in situations. People disrupting her carefully laid plots. The Weak. The Meek. The Unwashed Masses.
Dislikes: Scum! Dogs. Bright Lights. Cars, and Traffic in general. Braggers. Those poppish scholars in the clock tower.

RP Sample: No I work here.
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Europa Matou
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