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A political and Combat based RPG Fourm based on the Fate/Zero and Fate/StayNight Series. Take Control of a Magus or Heroic Spirit and fight to obtain the holy grail!
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 Armor and Weapon Rules

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Armor and Weapon Rules Empty
PostSubject: Armor and Weapon Rules   Armor and Weapon Rules EmptyWed Mar 25, 2015 8:54 am

Armor and Weapons Have 5 Ranks E-A.

Weapons enhance your ability to do damage to an enemy. Not only by upping your damage output, but also by having special abilities.

They differ from Noble Phantasms in that they can be damage, and degrade if they clash with a weapon of a higher grade.

If a B-Ranked Sword Clashes with an A-Rank Sword, the B-Rank Sword will loose one Rank. Making it a C-Ranked Sword.  If they clash again That sword will loose Two Ranks, taking it down to an E-Rank.

Now Why do Sword Ranks matter? Well it's mostly a matter of health. A Swords damage output does not Decrease, or increase with it's rank, However there are many spells, and phantasms that block out damage of a certain rank.

Additionally the higher A Weapons rank is the more, and stronger Special abilities it can have.

A: The Weapon can Contain an A Rank Spell or 3 E Rank Spells.
B: The Weapon can Contain A B-Rank spell or 2 E ranks.
D: The Weapon can Contain a singe E-rank Spell

If an A Ranked weapon enchanted with an A-Ranked spell looses a Rank, it will also loose it's spell. If an A Ranked weapon enchanted with 3 E-Rank spells looses it's rank it will only loose one spell (The last spell listed.)

If a noble phantasm like a sword clashes with a regular weapon of the same rank, that weapon will loose a Rank. (If Excalibur an A-Ranked Noble Phantasm clashes with Tom's A-Ranked Ax, Tom's Ax will degrade into a B-Ranked ax. If they clash again it will become a C-Ranked Ax like normal.

Armor allows you to take a few more hits before falling in battle. However the stronger the armor the more it slows you down.

For Each point of Armor you have the incoming damage is reduced by that many ranks. Each time you Armor absorbs Damage it looses a Rank. Loosing a Rank in armor will also make you loose any Armor, and spells that rank would give you. However the weight stays the same.

A 3-Points of Armor
B -2 Agility, and one B-Ranked Enchantment, or two E-Ranked ones.
C 2-Points of Armor
D -1 Agility, and one E ranked Enchantment
E 1-Point of Armor


Weapon/Armor Rating


Back Story:

Bonus Requirements


[color=#00ffff]Weapon Rating


[color=#6600ff]Back Story[/color]:

[color=#006600]Bonus Requirements[/color]
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Armor and Weapon Rules
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